Results by SMS

Receive game results on your mobile (SMS)

Back this year, Défi International Trait-Carré de Charlesbourg will send to the people who will have subscribed to the tournament Results by SMS service, the results of all games for a specific category.

How does it work?

To benefit from this service, you only have to fill the appropriate online form and include your mobile phone number, your team category, as well as the name of your mobile service provider.

As soon as a game result will be entered in the system for a game within your subscribed category, a text message (SMS) will be sent letting you know of that result.


Défi International Trait-Carré doesn’t charge for this service. However, the usual fees applicable for text messages within your mobile package will be charged by your mobile service provider.


Subscription to the service is now open. Subscription form is available here.

Subscription cancellation

It will be possible for you to unsubscribe from this service throughout all tournament.

Please note that a subscription cancellation for a specific mobile number will be effective for all categories associated to this number. Once cancelled, the mobile number will not be eligible for any new subscription for this edition of the tournament, even if you refill the online subscription form. Should you want to subscribe again during the tournament, please come in person to the tournament main site (Arpidrome) and talk to a representative.

To cancel your subscription , please fill the subscription cancellation online form available here.

Data Confidentiality

Défi International Trait-Carré de Charlesbourg will not give any mobile phone numbers collected for the use of this service to any outside person or party. The collected numbers will only serve for the purpose of transmitting game results through text messages. All mobile phone numbers collected for this service as well as any associated information will be deleted no later than 30 days after holding the tournament.