General Information

Défi International Trait-Carré de Charlesbourg 2018

24th edition

June 29, 30, July 1st 2018
July 6, 7 and 8 2018

Welcome to the 24th edition of « Défi International Trait-Carré de Charlesbourg ».

Winner – Event of the Year – Gala ARSQ 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2014
Nominated at « Gala de la Mi-temps » of Fédération de soccer du Québec in 2010 and 2014



The tournament takes place on 2 weekends.

1st weekend: June 29, 30, July 1st 2018

The tournament welcomes all male categories

 • U9  Boys (A - D1 et D2)
 • U10 Boys (A - D1 et D2)
 • U11 Boys (A - D1 et D2)
 • U12 Boys (A - AA)
 • U13 Boys (A - AA)
 • U14 Boys (A - AA)
 • U15 Boys (A - AA)
 • U16 Boys (A - AA)
 • U17 Boys (A - AA)
 • U18 Boys (A - AA)
2nd weekend: July 6, 7 and 8 2017

The tournament welcomes all female categories

• U9 Girls (A - D1 et D2) 
• U10 Girls (A - D1 et D2) 
• U11 Girls (A - D1 et D2) 
• U12 Girls (A - AA) 
• U13 Girls (A - AA) 
• U14 Girls (A - AA) 
• U15 Girls (A - AA) 
• U16 Girls (A - AA) 
• U17 Girls (A - AA) 
• U18 Girls (A - AA)


Each team plays a minimum of 3 matches.

Match Duration
• U-9  through U-12: 2 x 25 minutes
• U-13 through U-18: 2 x 30 minutes
Number of players on the field
• U-9 and U-10     : 7 players
• U-11 and U-12    : 9 players
• U-13 through U-18: 11 players
Medals et trophies
  1. First position of each category wins one team trophy as well as a gold medal for each player and coach.
  2. Second position of each category wins a silver medal for each player and coach.
  3. Third position of each category, determined by a 3rd place final, wins a bronze medal for each player and coach.



A valid passport issued for the 2017 summer season is mandatory for each player and coach, and/or a player identity card approved by your regional authorithy (players and coaches).

A valid travel permit issued by your REGIONAL AUTHORITHY (association) or TEAM FEDERATION must be provided by all teams outside ARSQ’s territory (Quebec’s regional association).

Additional Information

The maximum number of players registered is :

7-a-side soccer : 18 players maximum
9-a-side soccer : 18 players maximum
11-a-side soccer: 25 players maximum

There are distinct categories for A and AA.  However, depending on the number of teams registered, some categories may have to be combined.

Categories – Year of birth

Categories are based on passeports delivered in 2018:

 • U9  (A - A dev. or AA) : 2009
 • U10 (A - A dev. or AA) : 2008
 • U11 (A - A dev. or AA) : 2007
 • U12 (A - AA)           : 2006
 • U13 (A - AA)           : 2005
 • U14 (A - AA)           : 2004
 • U15 (A - AA)           : 2003
 • U16 (A - AA)           : 2002
 • U17 (A - AA)           : 2001
 • U18 (A - AA)           : 2000

Registration and Game sheets

Players list and Game sheets

Using the PTS-Cup access code previously received, each team manager must enter in PTS-Cup the list of players and coaching staff (# affiliation, name, date of birth and jersey number).

Team managers must also print game sheets for the tournament. You must print one sheet for each one of your games and also print 3 blank sheets (you must not specify any game number within PTS-Cup for those 3 blank sheets, but all players and coaches must appear on the sheets). You will have to present all 6 sheets when registering your team on-site, before your first game.

On-site Registration

On-site team registration will take place at the tournament main site according to the following schedule. Only the team representative must report to the registrar at least 60 minutes before the first game and bring all passports (all players and coaches as recorded on game sheets), 6 copies of the team’s game sheets printed from PTS-Cup (3 numbered and 3 not numbered) and a travel permit if the team is from outside Quebec’s regional association.

On-site registration hours:

Friday, starting at 2 p.m.
Saturday, starting at 7 a.m.

On-site registration address (access via 79th street (79e Rue)) :

750, Place Sorbonne
Québec, Québec
G1H 1H1
(418) 622-2625